Fiona Taylor

Administration Manager

Fiona Taylor joined our team in 2017 after already working within the industry for a number of years.

Property Management is Fiona's love only second to her three wonderful sons and granddaughter.   With nearly two decades of experience in the Real Estate Industry predominantly Asset Management Fiona is brimming with knowledge and experience.

Fiona has been fortunate to win Property Manager of the Year and many other prestigious awards and recognition for her outstanding performance within the Property Management Industry in QLD.

There is not a situation that Fiona has not come across nor how to get out of.  From the simple tenant failing to paying rent to an insurance claim for flood damage.  Fiona has ample experience to ensure that all our Clients receive top investment advice and support.

This knowledge is always passed onto many of the property managers that have and continue to work with Fiona.

It is important aspect of Fiona's mantra that everyone is treated with dignity and respect, this, as well as her experience is imprinted on many people she works with.